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Sena Rumba Helmet

STREET-STYLE WITH AUDIO, CONNECTIVITY, AND PROTECTION The Sena Rumba multi-sport Bluetooth® helmet is designed for bicyclists, skaters, and anyone else looking for some style and tech to go along with their protection. Dual-certified for use by cyclists and skaters alike, the Rumba features Sena’s proven communication tech built right into the helmet, allowing riders to stay connected on the ride. Whether you’re skating or cruising your Electric Bike, the Rumba keeps you connected!

  • Rumba sports 2-Way HD Intercom with an effective range of up to 400 m (0.25 mi), perfect for communicating with a cellphone or data usage needed

  • The helmet features integrated speakers and a microphone

  • Smartphone pairing via Bluetooth® 4.1 lets you play music, listen to GPS navigation, and take phone calls

  • Dual-certified helmet, suited for use by bicyclists and skaters alike

2-WAY BLUETOOTH® HD INTERCOM KEEPS YOU IN TOUCH WITH A FRIEND With 2-Way Bluetooth® HD Intercom, there’s no need to shout to get a second rider’s attention. Two users can pair their Sena Bluetooth-enabled helmets to one another and enjoy conversations within an effective range of up to 400 m (0.25 mi). With up to 8 hours of talk time, you’ll have no worries about dropping out on the conversation. Communication is possible thanks to Rumba's built-in intercom system. The microphone located on the helmet's brim transmits your voice clearly to other helmets thanks to Sena's Advanced Noise Control, diminishing wind noise. Experience a hands-free communication method without cellphone service or data usage!

Our Take: The Sena Rumba Smart Helmet is a brilliant collaboration of technology and safety. If you are riding with a partner or solo the benefits of the bluetooth technology make wearing the helmet " a no brainer". Talking to your friend a couple hundred miles away via phone and bluetooth, a friendly ride with a companion, or a leisurely pedal while listening to your favorite music or podcast the options are endless with the Sena Rumba.

Take a look a the video below to find more information.

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